Speaking out against racism

University of Idaho

This story ran one the front page of The Argonaut on September 28, 2010 issue

Laci Thompson


Anti-racist and social activist Tim Wise will come to the University of Idaho Oct. 13 to speak about racism in the Student Union Building ballroom.

According to, Wise has spoken to “over 600 college campuses and 49 states, as well as community groups across the nation.”

Wise has worked with many community groups, including military, entertainment groups, law enforcement and the Southern Poverty and the Louisiana Coalition. Wise works with these groups to “dismantle racism,” according to his site.

The ASUI Center for Volunteerism & Social Action is one of the groups sponsoring the event. Josh Dean, the coordinator, said Wise will speak on more than just racism issues, but will hopefully educate the audience on how to reduce racism.

“(Wise) came to WSU last spring to their ballroom — (it) was filled, students were excited to hear what he had to say,” Dean said.

Wise will speak to two or three classes while he is here, as well as attend a breakfast with the president’s diversity council, and a lunch with student leaders,  Dean said.

Other groups co-sponsoring the event are the CORE curriculum, Human Rights, Access and Inclusion, the Women’s Center and the Office of Multicultural Affairs.

Carmen Suarez, director of Human Rights, Access and Inclusion,  also helped bring Wise to UI.

“I am excited to be a part (of the event). I have had the great pleasure of hearing Tim Wise speak,” Suarez said.

Students should take away more than just a speech, according to Suarez, but experience a continuation of  “a dream.”

“(Hopefully students will be) energized to continue the progress of Martin Luther King’s dream, a vision of different backgrounds of race, ethnicity, cultures and religions coming together to be productive,” Suarez said.  “(I) hope students take away being energized to be part of the solution not the problem.”

Suarez also said she feels Wise is a “gifted leader, speaker and scholar in this area.”

Juan Mendez, a graphic design and art education major, said he feels having an antiracist/social activist speaker will be good for students and faculty.

“I will go listen because people need to recognize what our (minority) life is like,” Mendez said. “Other students should go and listen to the speech so they can know and, so they can also stand up for what they are.”


U of I vs. BSU for the last time 2010

This project was a movie poster. I chose the recent article that sparked interest among University of Idaho students where the athletic department didn’t monitor ticket sells very well and ultimately gave away students tickets. After this major incident tickets went up for sell at about 200 dollars. Big deal to some. If I would change anything about this  I would change the football image to a smaller image. I feel the concept is there but not with how big the image is.

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CD cover

This project was to create a cd cover. I chose the title because I had recently watched the movie Accepted and thought that a cd called Rock our faces off 222 would be cool. I like the old feeling I gave the and simplicity of the one image of speakers. I would try and change it to do more cool affects to the image however.

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Veterens Day poster

This project was for a photohshop class from my senior year. It’s pretty self explanatory for what it was for, overall I am very happy with the turnout. I feel it represents the whole of Veterens Day which is soldiers that have fought and are still fighting today.

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Shamrock project

The main layout for this design was to find an event and design a poster, invitation, and a take away item. I chose to use my sororities philanthropy Shamrock for this design. Shamrock is a Kappa Delta philanthropy and is different nation wide, here in Moscow at Zeta Chi chapter we do a soccer tournament to raise money for Prevent Child Abuse America.

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Palouse Cup project

This project was to design a logo for a soccer tournament here in Moscow called Palouse Cup. It is put on by Moscow United ( a soccer club) and many teams from all over come to participate in the tournament. My idea was to use an abstract ball shape with bright colors. I gained help for my idea by looking at past FIFA logos and found that they use many shapes and lines to create their logos so I tried to do the same.

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Packaging Project

This project was to make a packaging product, anything was up to use so i chose to make a bright and stand out cell phone box. I chose the phrase Idle Hands are the Devils Playground to insinuate that with all the new Qwerty Keyboards coming out a persons’ hands are no longer available while texting.

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